producing dj

Producer/Audio/Dj/Voice over work

Capable musician with a passion for production/djing and voice overs for stream alerts and more…. Working with streamers to get them quality sounding voice and sound alerts along with offering a free and premium selection of copyright free music streamers can use in their streams with the peace of mind from DCMA claims…. My aim to to provide quality sounds along with good reviews on various equipment like microphones/audio monitors/VSTS/Headphones and help with guides and tips on whats good and whats not! I am also part of a strong connected stream team “SEO Enterprise Team” where i apply my quirks and charms with gaming and music streams showcasing my latest productions/dj mixes of the past and even live production where people can chat about music and see it made [production with FL 11 producer edition] due to a better workflow “IMO” i have worked hard for a year to gain verified partner as a dlive streamer on the dlive platform.

I play regular game formats like “BATTLE ROYALE” and i am a keen player of “SURVIVAL” games like Dayz/EFT/COD and many others!!!! I have many plans going forward, i want to establish a good basis for people to be able to source music without the worry of claims on the music and i also want to provide quality voice alerts/sound and voice overs for everyone [Generic packs for all] and i will also provide personal alerts within the format i am going to be selling [and giving free] so in theory i plan to have a free side to KMC Studios and a paid side… Services i will provide are voicing/sound alerts packs, music tracks, personal intro tracks [premium service] “PLEASE NOTE” These service’s are still in motion to getting started in the coming month’s… Future plans if the basics work well would be to move into Audio Mastering For Musicians but just now im focused on targeting my services to the game streaming/ video platforms that people use regular.

I also have a blog running with regular content of various new’s plus a game and tech review page for giving my opinion’s and experience of many games and products… You can also find free music from my past from the Djctx music page on the website which will have a variety of tracks/remixes and dj mixes from my catalog of work…