Developer Mode Help! [The Forest]

One thing i have found really cool and also handy for practice in a sense was to jump into “Dev Mode” and try out some of the fun functions you can add “Mod per say”, Now there is many many commands to check out depending how deep you wish to go but this blog is about the main functions i would suggest using and ill leave a link to a website that will explain all the commands in full!!!!!

The majority of the codes in The Forest will require the game to be put into developer mode. Type developermodeon at the title screen, [actually just type it while on title screen, dont worry it will register it and then press F1. You should see a small text box in the top-left corner.  Now start the game!!!. From there try these commands once in game by pressing F1…

  • Godmode on: This will give things like Infinite health, stamina, fullness, also water and even energy hence the term “god mode” To turn god mode off all you do is type in the dev box in the top left corner Godmode off, this will turn it off again…
  • Speedyrun on: this is exactly what it says on the tin!! You will become the flash “Literally” But be warned that you can sustain damage while using this so i would have “Godmode on” to use it “trust me” I know! Once again to turn off “type” Speedyrun off in the dev box to switch off again [To open dev box press F1]
  • setdifficultymode peaceful:
  • setdifficultymode normal:
  • setdifficultymode hard:
  • setdifficultymode hardsurvival: All of these commands will change the game mode as you need it…
  • addallitems: This will add all the items to your inventory….
  • addallstoryitems: This will add all the Story items of the game.
  • buildhack on: Allows building similar to creative mode which i find pretty cool as to get creative mode you must finish the game which i would do if i were you!! [You do not want to miss it] once again to turn off just use buildhack off
  • buildallghosts: This will give you all the blue prints within the game “including the creepy church stuff”
  • cancelallghosts: Don’t like what you blue printed up and want it all away in one full swoop? [Use this command in the dev box]

There are so many more “and i mean alot more” commands to try out but the ones ive put up are the ones i would suggest trying for fun as i did have alot of fun within the game with some of these mods on so i hope you will enjoy and make sure to check out the full list of dev commands for the forest “which” i have chosen this webpage for you to check out as it was the best at explaining the commands “nice and simply” so make sure to use this page for even more reference….

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